The JValue Project

Making open data safe, easy, and reliable to use


We are on a mission to make open data easy, safe, and reliable to use.

Open data is often hard to use: Undefined formats, variety of protocols, unknown location.

We make it easy (and safe and reliable) to

  1. Find open data from around the web
  2. Work with others to clean up the data
  3. Download the data as a database file

How so?

  • The JV Hub has been populated with many important open data sources so you don’t need to chase the data around the web yourself
  • The Jayvee modeling language lets you work with others easily to write code that cleans up the open data of your joint interests
  • The JV Cloud lets you run Jayvee programs in the cloud so that you can just download a database file (SQLite, DuckDB) for your use