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Final Thesis: Migration the JValue ODS to Microservices

Abstract: “A world in which consuming open data is easy and safe.“ This is the vision of the JValue Open Data Service (ODS) that aims to bundle finding the right open data, using and combining it into an easy and intuitive process. The daily life of developers should be free from hardships, like writing data crawlers for different data formats in combination with different protocols, and instead, let them focus on their real problems.

As in every crowd-sourced application, the more users contributing and adding new data sources, the better. With these requirements, the need for a scalable software emerges. The microservice-based approach promises to achieve this, as well as making the project easier to understand and maintain for developers.

This thesis presents a microservice-based architecture draft for the ODS and a migration strategy from the current monolithic architecture towards it. The exemplary implementation of a selected microservice proofs the feasibility of such an architectural style. Furthermore, a discussion about the challenges and benefits of a distributed system and the experiences written down in this thesis shall reduce the risks and enable a complete migration to a microservices-based architecture in the future.

Keywords: Open source, open data, open data service, JValue ODS

PDF: Master Thesis

Reference: Georg Schwarz. Migration the JValue ODS to Microservices. Master Thesis, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2019.